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Feel Summary

An adventurous Fox finds an untouched land just waiting to be explored.
Features stunning artwork from Balaa. Two page insert, jewel case, artwork on the CD. All artwork on the CD has been professionally printed for top quality.

16 tracks, many exclusive to the album. Follow the Fox as he takes a journey through an entire world.

1) Over the Ocean [Album exclusive]
2) The Shore [Feel Edition - Album exclusive]
3) Desert Runner [Album exclusive]
4) The Forest
5) Waltz of the Spirits [Feel Edition - Album exclusive]
6) Autumn Tide [Feel Edition - Album exclusive]
7) The Lake
8) A Fox by the Riverside
9) Snow on the Hillside [Feel Edition - Album exclusive]
10) Apollo's Kiss
11) Soar with Me [Album exclusive]
12) Sea of Clouds
13) A story in Sunset [Feel Edition - Album exclusive]
14) The Stars [ Feel Edition - Album exclusive]
15) Dance with the Moon [Feel Edition - Album exclusive]
16) Relive

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5 product stars
Feel - A wonderful experience - Andybigfeet - 07/04/2013
What a wonderful album, I've been listening to it this morning, and wow, such amazing piano and violin work, absolutely stunning! what an absolute pleasure it was to listen to this today, a sublime start to the day, watching the sun rise above the Cornish sea as the sweet melody's gently brought fourth the day, I can't recommend this album enough, it is a must buy!, simply wonderful!

5 product stars
- Fabio - 29/06/2011
Incredible musics, simply magical, that touch the heart and the soul.

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