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TD Remover & Super Hair Detangler

Detangler 5 product stars
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TD Remover & Super Hair Detangler Summary

TD Remover (Take Down Remover Cream) is a Super Hair Detangler for saving hair.  Should be used with any of our detangle removal videos and detangle combs. 

There are also many problems that occur with detangling matted tangled hair, removing dreadlocks, hair extensions or braided hairstyles.  Some of these problems have been so severe- (i.e. hair loss and breakage)  that many people never want to experience having there hair twisted, braided, or locked (temporarily) ever again.

    Take Down was created to ease this large consumer problem.  Take Down should be used to prevent hair tangling and breakage.  Many times hair can become dry and matted together.  TD Remover can be a relief from the pain of combing out knots and clumps of tangled hair once you have taken out the dreadlocks, hair extensions or braids. 

It penetrates throughout the hair and softens the hair as you comb through it.  Take Down Remover can  also help's to take out excess bondage glue or keratin fusion hair glue.

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
here´s my testimony - Aisha M. - 04/19/2014
good day, here's my testimony: the take down remover cream was 100% successful for me. i got it in the mail on tuesday, spent about 7 hours straight detangling my hair with the metal rat tail comb i also purchased through you on wednesday, and did a complete co-wash to get the rest of the small knots out thursday morning. this is a great product, and i would highly recommend it to anyone that was as negligent with their hair as i was with my matted situation. i bought 3 bottles thinking that i would need all 3, however, i only needed to use 1 full bottle, but i am keeping the other 2 bottles on tap. again, thanks for the great take-down remover. it is a very effective product! Aisha M.

5 product stars
Thanks For Saving My knotted Hair - Laeia Jones - 11/18/2011
I really was skeptical about your detangle videos-especially with all the YouTube videos I had already seen telling me to use conditioner/oil concoctions and all other sorts.But thank God your detangler does work really well and I am glad I bought the video kit-eventhough I had to buy an extra detangler-it was worth the money.Keep up the great work guys....

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