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Database of North American Music Venues / Festivals



Database of North American Music Venues / Festivals Summary

I have compiled a massive database of North American venues coast to coast. 2200 venues in all, these were taken from several different websites but organized in a much more efficient manner in regards to booking your own tour. All venues are organized by city and state and include both major cities as well as small towns along the way that will help fill in your schedule. So whether you are planning a 3 month adventure or just need a quick gig in your current city I feel this is the best resource currently available for any independent musician (or record label for that matter). For each venue, you can expect to see State / City / Venue Name / Contact Name / Any Phone & Email & Facebook publicly available / Venue Size / Days of Operation / Additional Notes. I focused on venues that supported rock / indie rock / acoustic / blues.  If you are geared more towards metal, country or hip hop this may not be quite as helpful, but if you are into electronic music or a DJ I feel that most of these venues could accommodate your services as well.

In addition, there is also a database of the major festivals around the country organized by date. When it comes down to it, exposure is key and booking a festival is the most advantageous way to have your music be heard. 

There is also a foreword that should be read by everyone before contacting the venues. If you want to be treated and paid as a professional, you need to act like one as well. With over 10 years in this industry, I have played the role of musician, merch guy, guitar tech, monitor tech, front of house engineer, promoter, booking agent, bus driver, stage hand, sound company tech & bailer out of jail guy. Please respect these venues as it takes a ridiculous amount of work to keep a music venue alive these days. Sadly in a few years, many of these venues will no longer exist and this is a major reason I am releasing the list to the public as I hope it will help them stay afloat long enough for me to pay a visit to them as well.

Digital delivery will be made via your PayPal email address or any other email addy you specify. This is an excel database and requires appropriate software to open. Free excel editors are available for both PC ( and MAC ( For the most part, you should expect same day delivery.

 Considering that booking a single gig could result in several hundred dollars in your pocket, I feel $20 is an extremely generous asking price considering the countless hours I spent compiling this list. 


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