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5 product stars
Xpede - Reneiver - 23/9/2012
Actually when I went down, Heng had to give me a used Xpede bolt tip, because they ran out of new ones. I agreed after some consideration. After going home and installing the Xpede kit, I realized that the range was not up to notch with a 9kg spring. I went down again next week and told Heng my situation. He took apart my Xpede and chose a suitable bolt tip piece that sealed well with mine, from more than 12 pieces. He greased my Xpede, and fine tuned it. Then we did a chrony test and it reached 137, from the previous 109. Next week, I went to war with my friends, and I pinned down most of them with my Xpede:) I am extremely amazed by the customer service provided at Xplorer. Kudos to you Mr Heng!

5 product stars
WoooOOOWWW! - Clement - 14/8/2012
awesome la. the Xpede kit was easy to install, and after it was done it was completely smooth. Clocked about 157 fps on average on the chrony using Xtip darts. It was very accurate too. From about 5m was able to hit soft drink can-sized targets regularly (depending on dart quality. some of the darts were crummy so they didn't fly straight).great service at the Xplorer range. not only did they install and tune up the system for me, they had a nice range there for me to test and shoot all their other blasters. two thumbs up!

5 product stars
Xpede Kit - Alex Kong - 12/8/2012
Great service from Heng and the guys at Xplorer! Went down to have my stampede kit installed. They gave great suggestions on which/ what kind of batteries and springs to use. And they do free installation for their kits! the best part is they will tune the gun to near perfection(nothing is perfect)! the guy helped me tune twice till he finds that its great! now thats some really good service! Now to the gun. Went to a war today. the Xpede totally owned! the Rof and rage is just crazy! even the longshot is having a hard time! its a must get kit for all and everyone who enjoys nerf!the ROF + range... this gun is a total killer!

5 product stars
Xpede Kit - Bryan XG Chua - 12/8/2012
I went down to Xplorer on 11 August and had my Xpede kit installed.We paid for the kit only,He connect the battery pack and tune it.We can see that they really had put in their effort and did their best.The next day,i had war with my xpede,I took down lots of people with it.It can fulfil everything i want,i can pull trigger once for sniping or hold onto the trigger for full auto.Hope to see more competitive troopers with Xpede!!

5 product stars
Xpede review - Lee Vincent - 12/8/2012
I have 2 stampedes installed with Xpede kit and Xplorer 12 kg stampede spring. After the muzzle velocity test and shooting at Xplorer lab it blown me away... The muzzle velocity was between 160 to 180fps for both Xpede. I just can't wait to see both performance in nerf wars... On 12 Aug tested both Xpede and their performance was outstanding... I can shot single shot like a 14kg LS and if I need fire power... I just held down the trigger... Woooow I encounter zero jam and the Xpede was smooth... I believed my Ulltimate 20kg LS will be hanging on the wall for a while... Sorry LS... ^_^

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