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Olive oil based soaps are the mildest, simplest and the most natural thing available for people suffering from any form of eczema. Since these soaps are made using olive oil, the pure and 100% natural soaps leave zero chances of getting any sort of soft or hard chemicals, artificial scents, colors or aromas mixed with them which could prove hazardous in eczema. Soaps made from olive oil provide amazing benefits as these soaps help ease the symptoms of many skin diseases which includes eczema as well. Olive oil based soaps cleans the skin surface very gently and smoothly without clogging the pores present on the skin, allowing skin to breathe. The natural substances present in olive oil such as squalene help skin to maintain and retain its natural oil balance and thus not allowing it to dry further. Another substance known as hydroxytyrosol which is present in olive oil is a popular anti-inflammatory agent which helps soothe rashes and heals damaged skin. Hydroxytyrosol is also known for slowing down the ageing process of our skin.

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Nature keeps you clean and healthy with simple materials

Pure Organic Greek olive oil is the base of my soap

Our soap contains:
Organic Olive Oil
Natural Essential Oils
NO Preservatives!
NO Animal Products!
NO Petroleum Products!

The idea came from the extra quantity of olive oil, of my olive trees, which has high acidity or beyond expired date to eat it.
This type of oil I tried to make it soap according to my grandfather's recipe.
The outcome is my low smooth lather soap full of nature feelings.

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For those who prefer natural treatment for any of their skin disorders, natural olive oil soaps present the perfect solution. Because of the various kinds of eczema, dermatologist often end up confused about how to treat it. Also, not many medications have been able prove their effectiveness for curing eczema from its roots. Olive oil and natural soaps made from olive oil have made it easier to cope for people suffering from eczema and other skin disorders.

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