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Welcome to Try Subversion Seditionaries Reproductions


November 1st 2013:
Site is back up and running....holidays are coming up I will be revamping the site...adding new pictures,also turn around time will be much quicker due to lack of day job hours hehe...anyways new products will be added(dirty stripper print,paul cooks be reasonable,watty exploiteds "surgeon" shirt,armbands,and a few punk original designs as well as a cool "rasta dubwise" design for you punky-reggae heads out their) and a few special one off deals on back stock...stay tuned..

June 3rd 2012: Had a few questions coming into my email so to clear things up yes we do ship to the UK and all over the world, also our site went down for a few days due to lack of maintanence, we are now back up and running and will continue to do so through the distant future...WE ARE HERE TO STAY =) and with that being said we have added a couple new products to our line and will be adding a few more within the following weeks leading up to the summer of is an update on whats new....

Now available from Try Subversion seds repro..... Discharger(Discharge tribute anarchy shirt) and Boy style anarchy shirts!!! Links should be located on the left side of page where other shirt links are located.......  Coming soon...short sleeve/sleeveless anarchy shirts(summer only) and Exploited "surgeon" shirt repro!

Oct 17 2011
,We had a little problem with our websites checkout process which was not letting customers finish their orders, the problem has been fixed,sorry to inconvenience anyone who has been trying to order! CRISIS AVERTED!! Now get DEKT!

Hello my little "artful dodgers" welcome to TRY SUBVERSION!!!! This webstore specializes in Sex/Seditionaries Dress Shirt Reproductions...The same shirts created by Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood in the later part of the 1970's as worn by The Sex Pistols,Adam and the Ants,Siouxie Sioux,Slade,members of the infamous Bromley Contingent and thousands upon thousands of punks and punk bands around the world including current punk acts such as Evacuate,Mad Pigs,and Destruct.......
Made by hand here at Ground Zero, we use most of the original techniques used in the early days to get our shirts as close to the originals as possible whether u get our "basic" Shirt made on a quality dress shirt with printed marx patch and all the other goodies or our "Vintage" made on a custom fitted club collar shirt with original silk  marx patch......we offer a great range of styles,colours and sizes at very affordable prices!!...Remember every shirt is hand dyed and striped to ensure its uniqueness no one shirt will ever look like another!!! Thanx for checking out our shop for any questions and for extar special color preferances or any other customizations send an email to: (Feel free to email before placing an order if you have any other questions)!!!

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