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Welcome to Vincenzo Accordions

We can only sell in the UK
Synopsis - We rescue and refurbish old Italian accordions and turn them around, putting them back into the system to people who will love and cherish and use them! We are not dealers, we're impartial and this is not a business - we're passionate about saving accordions and we really don't count the hours and hours of work we put into each instrument! We will cover our costs, sometimes we sell an instrument and sometimes we even make a profit which we put back in to saving more! 

Welcome to Vincenzo Accordions. Who are we and why do we sell accordions? Basically we are two Italians who play the accordion and we're just passionate (to the point of obsession) about these beautiful, artistic, musical instruments which we become attached to and hate to part with! We just can't help it and each one is different, unique and with its own character, provenance and history. We can't bear to see them going into disrepair so we buy them or rescue them, service, refurbish and repair them where necessary without compromising the character of integrity of the instrument and only if worthwhile to do so, so we only go for the best, almost always Italian.

There are 2 problems we have found
1) if you buy on the internet auctions sties, you risk because in almost all cases the seller doesn't play or have any knowledge of accordions and so they cannot give a proper appraisal. Comments like 'makes a sound when the bellows are pumped but i'm no expert' are common! It is so easy to end up with a lemon (trust me!!) and almost always an old accordion will need a service, reed valve work, re-waxing, refurbishing, sometimes new straps and trim and general TLC.
2) Accordion shops have very, very long waiting lists to refurb accordions (up to 2 years in some cases) or they won't tackle smaller jobs or repairs, only full overhauls. So on an accordion worth £100 are you going to spend several hundred getting it back into use? Most won't and so they are stored or worse, thrown.

So when we get one in, we evaluate it and an honest appraisal and description is put on our website and as we do play too, we know what to look out for. We can straight tune them though a couple of flat notes on an old accordion is common and each one will have its own character but if they are flat we'll tell you, and if there is any damage we'll also point it out as best we can. With Vincenzo accordions, you know what you'll be getting and that will be reflected in the price. Where we have worked on a piece, we'll let you know but we service them all unless they come in perfect which is rare. Sometimes we will only work on an instrument once we know someone wants to buy it and that can take a week or two to get it up to scratch. We do not do full restorations but enough work to turn the accordions into won't plays and getting them back into the system, so we'll do what is necessary.

We believe that these beautiful instruments must be preserved for the future as so many people just throw them out or put them in the loft and they need to be played. We consider them as a part of Italian national history and our culture as much as an old Ferrari or a Vespa! Thank God they never knocked down the Collosseo 'cos it was old! So we hope you will value and enjoy our accordions.

We're happy to do smaller jobs or look at your instrument and give you some advice if you have had grandads accordion in the loft for the last 10 years and you'd like us to appraise it. Please note that many of the instruments we sell we do not sell for a profit - this is more a labour of love and a passion than a business!

We always have new accordions arriving so bookmark this page and check in from time to time as we aim to have accordions to suit all budgets. Please note that VAT is included in the prices and when they are sent out, they are first wrapped inside their original cases, then that is placed into a bigger sturdy box with crushed newspaper which will absorb shock so they get to you in goo condition.

So if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Vincenzo and Paolo
ps - if you have an old accordion we would consider buying it

**We also hire our accordions for films and plays and also if you are interested in hosting an exhibition of Italian accordions please contact us**
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