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Some ahaadith regarding 'aqiq from the book "The Glad Tidings of Mustafa pbuh.gif for the Shi'ah of Murtadha as.gif:"

I didn't type the full isnaads, but if you want them, just ask.

ibn 'Abbas said:

"I heard the Messenger of Allah pbuh.gif tell 'Ali ibn Abi Taleb as.gif to wear an 'aqiq (agate) ring on his right hand because those who wear it have a quality that Allah (SWT) has given to those who are close to Him."
'Ali as.gif asked the Prophet pbuh.gif "Who are those who are close to Allah?"
The Prophet pbuh.gif replied "Jebraail, Mikhaail and the angels between them."
'Ali as.gif asked "What kind of 'aqiq should I wear?"
The Prophet pbuh.gif replied, "Choose the red 'aqiq because the mountain of the red 'aqiq testified that there is no god but Allah, that I am the Messenger of Allah, that you are my heir, that your sons are Imaams, that your Shi'ah will go to Paradise, and that those who hate them will go to Hell.

- Manaqeb al-Khawarezmi 233, Manaqeb al-Moghazeli 281, al-'Omdah 378


Bashir ad-Dahhan said:

I asked Abi Ja'far Mohammad ibn 'Ali as.gif: "What kind of stone should I use for my ring?"
He replied: "Red 'aqiq, yellow 'aqiq or white 'aqiq because these three mountains are in Paradise. The mountain of red 'aqiq overlooks the house of the Prophet pbuh.gif, the mountain of yellow 'aqiq overlooks the house of Fatemah (SA), and the mountain of white 'aqiq overlooks the house of 'Ali ibn Abi Taleb as.gif, and these three houses are one house.
Three rivers run from under the three mountains of 'aqiq. Their water is colder than ice, sweeter than honey, and whiter than milk. No one except Mohammad pbuh.gif, his Family, and their Shi'ah can drink from these rivers.
The three mountains of 'aqiq sanctify, glorify and praise Allah, and seek forgiveness for those who love the Family of the Prophet as.gif.
So those Shi'ah who wear 'aqiq will see nothing but good and blessings in their sustenance and health, and they will be protected from all troubles.
'Aqiq protects Shi'ah from unjust rulers and from everything else which causes fear."

- Amaali of Tousi 1:36

It has been reported on the authority of Imaam Sadeq as.gif:

"The Messenger of Allah said: Allah says: a servant who raises his hands towards Me while wearing a ring with turquoise (firouzah), I will be ashamed of returning him disappointed.�


Imaam Sadeq as.gif has said:

"There is no hand more beloved than one wearing a ring with 'aqiq (agate) raised towards Allah.�


It has been reported on the authority of Imaam Redha as.gif:

"Whoever wears a ring with an 'aqiq on it, firstly he will not become needy and secondly, what Allah has destined for him, will be good.�


One day one of the associates of Imaam Redha as.gif along with a slave of governor passed by him. Imaam Redha as.gif said:

"Give him a ring with 'aqiq.� The associates did so. They realized that man was never harmed in his life. Imaam Redha as.gif said:

"Having 'aqiq with you in trip, will safeguard you.�


It has also been related on the authority of Imaam Redha as.gif

"Whoever wears a ring with 'aqiq in his right hand, if he reverts the 'aqiq toward the palm of his hand in the morning before any one sees him, and recites Surat al-Qadr and then say: I believe in Allah who has no partner, and deny other Allah, but I believe in what is hidden from and manifest to the progeny of Mohammad (S) and I believe in their leadership, Allah will keep him safe on that day from the earthly and heavenly evils and keep him under His own protection and keep him under His own protection till night.�


Amir al-Momenin as.gif says:

"Wear a ring with 'aqiq so that Allah will give you blessings and you will be safe from evils.�


A man came to the Holy Prophet (S) complaining of highwaymen. The Holy Prophet (S) said:

"Why weren�t you wearing a ring with 'aqiq? This ring will safeguard man from all evil. Whoever wears a ring with 'aqiq will end up in Allah as long as he is wearing that ring and Allah will protect him forever. Whoever makes a ring with 'aqiq and the inscription: Mohammad, Messenger of Allah and Ali, friend of Allah, Allah will keep him from bad death and he will die a believer. No hand raised towards Allah is more beloved than a hand wearing a ring of 'aqiq. Should a man wearing a ring of 'aqiq draw lots, he will have a lion�s share.�


Allah created 'aqiq following Prophet Mousa�s invocations in Mount Sinai and said:

"By Myself, I will not punish with Fire a hand wearing a ring of 'aqiq provided he believes in the leadership of Ali.�


Allah has said:

"Performing two Raka�at of prayer with a ring of 'aqiq is equal to a thousand Raka�at without it.�

Some traditions on wearing rings from the book "Tahdhib ul Islam":
Another tradition states that Imam Ali (A.S.) used to wear four rings on his hand - one of ruby (Yaqut) for beauty and dignity, the second of Turquoise (Firuza) for obtaining Divine help and victory, the third of Hadid Chini for strength and the fourth of Aqiq to protect himself against enemies and all types of misfortunes.
The metal of the ring should be made of silver. It is makruk (and according to another tradition haraam for men) for both men and women to wear rings made out of iron, steel, or brass. According to Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq as.gif, the Holy Prophet as.gif used to wear a silver ring.
According to Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A.S.) the Holy Prophet (S.A.) used to wear the ring on the first finger of his right hand and has prohibited to wear it ont he middle finger. The Imam (A.S.) further instructs that the ring should be worn at the lowest end of the finger, where it joins the palm.
Also the ring should be worn on the right hand, although some traditions do allow it to be worn on the left also.
According to a reliable tradition from Imam Ali Riza (A.S.) wearing a ring set in which Aqiq not only drives away poverty but also removes ill-feelings and dissolves differences from the hearts. According to Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq (A.S.) this stone ensures one's safety if worn during traveling.
Another tradition states that praying 2 rakats namaaz while wearing an Aqiq ring is better than praying a thousand rakats without it.
Other traditions state that there are mountains of red, yellow, and white aqiq in Heaven. These mountains shade the palaces of the Holy Prophet as.gif, Bibi Fatimah as.gif, and Imam Ali as.gif and are forever praising and glorifying Allah. This stone also had affirmed the Oneness of Allah, the Prophethood of Muhammad, the vicegerency of Ali and paradise for the friends and Shi'ahs of Ali as.gif. A person wearing any one of these aqiqs he will derive its benefits, his sustenance (rizq) will be increased, and he will be protected from dangers, disasters, misfortunes, and accidents. It will also be a protection for him in frightening and terrifying circumstances, like facing the oppression of a tyrant.
According to Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A.S.) a person who wears a ring set with turquoise (Firuza) will never become dependent on others.
According to the Holy Prophet (S.A.) if a person prays to Allah while wearing rings set in with Firuza (turquoise) and Aqiq (cornelian), Allah does not turn the prayers down unanswered.
In another tradition, Imam Musa Kazim as.gif says the feroza stone was brought by Jibrail as.gif as a gift from heaven to the Holy Prophet as.gif. The Prophet had passed it to Ali as.gif and it had come down to him through his Holy line of ancestors.
According to 3 reliable traditions from Imam Ali Riza (A.S.) wearing a ring of yaqut (ruby) drives away anxieties and worries. According to Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) it solves problems and eases difficulties and hardships.
According to a reliable tradition, Mufazzal ibna Umar visisted Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A.S.) one day while wearign a ring set in whith Durr-e-Najaf. On seeing the ring the Imam addressed Mufazzal and said that the very sight of this ring [Durr-e-Najaf makes hte heart of all Muslim beleivers, whether male or female happy and it cures pain in their eyes. The Imam continued that he would like every faithful to have five rings on his hand - the first of Yaqut (ruby) as it is the best of gems, the second of Aqiq as this stone has sincere love for Allah and the Ahl ul Bayt, the third ring should be of Firuza (turquoise) as it gives strength and light to the eyes, expands one's wisdom and outlook, and strengthens the heart. Whenever a faithful sets out for a definite purpose with a turquoise ring on his hand, he always accomplishes his purpose. Fourthly he should possess a ring set in with Hadid Chini, but it should not be worn constantly. It should be worn for self-protection when confronting a tyrant or oppressor of whose wickedness one if afraid of. it is also advisable to possess this stone as it wards off the devil. And the fifth ring should be of that particular stone (Durre Najaf) which is found only in the land of Najaf. When a person glances towards his ring n Durr-e-Najaf on his hands, he receives the reward for Ziyarat, Hajj and Umrah for every glance, and it is included in his record of actions. This rewards is equal to the reward of Prophets and pious people. Had Allah not been merciful towards the Shias, He would have made Durr e Najaf a rare gem so that each stone of it would have been costly, but Allah had made this stone easily available so that both the rich and the poor could wear and benefit from it.
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