Welcome to MAGE Company


Our new website is now online: magecompanygames.com. You can find our Premium Sleeves here: http://magecompanygames.com/product-category/mcg-premium-sleeves/

In the new site we also run our new and updated store along with info in each new product and a separated section just for the sleeves. From now you can place any order you want from our new website: magecompanygames.com. You only have to create a new account. Feel free to share these news and let your friends know.

Beside the 53x53 sleeves and the standard ones, we also have available the 66x91mm Standard Card Games Sleeves, and the Small Euro size 47x71 and in the next months we will start printing the 82x122mm sleeves for dixit size cards,  the Mini American Sleeves 44x66mm, and 60x92mm Standard American Sized Sleeves. We will soon update the store with those sizes.

This shop will remain active for the next weeks and then will close. If you want to reach us, please send us an email at magecompanyinfo@gmail.com.

Thank you for shopping with us. Follow us on Facebook if you want to learn our news: https://www.facebook.com/magecompany