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TT150 biodiesel processor

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TT150 biodiesel processor Summary

What this machine will do:

  • Filter waste vegetable oil
  • Heat the vegetable oil
  • Separate water from the oil
  • Safely react the methanol with vegetable oil
  • Separate glycerol from the biodiesel
  • Wash and dry the biodiesel
  • De-wax the biodiesel
  • Pump out high quality biodiesel through a filtration unit


Costs to build or buy a Twyn Tub 150 (UK), April 2014:

  • Plans £115
  • Parts and materials £910. Not including control panel (£114).

Our price for complete machine: £2750

Deposit of £500 secures order and delivery slot (non-refundable). Pay deposit:

Additional deposits will be required for international orders.


Dimensions of machine: 2.2 long x 0.8 wide x 2.0 high (m)
Chemicals required: Methanol, sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid. All readily available throughout the UK.
Actual man hours per batch: 4 to 5 hours

Cost analysis: (updated on 17th Jan 2014)

  • Personal fuel production allowance before tax is payable (UK)= 2,500 litres.
  • Methanol cost = 35p per litre = 7 pence per litre of biodiesel produced.
  • Electricity cost per litre = 1 pence
  • Water cost = 0.25 pence per litre of biodiesel produced.
  • Catalyst and acid cost = 0.75 pence per litre of biodiesel produced.
  • Waste vegetable oil = FREE if collected personally.
  • Total cost per litre of fuel = 7 + 1 + 0.25 + 0.75 = 9 pence

If the full 2,500 litre quota is used and the price of diesel at the pump was £1.37 a litre and the price of the machine was £2750, the machine would pay for itself in: 12 x 2750 / (2,500 x (1.37 - 0.09)) = 10 months and 10 days.


  Probably the world's first intrinsically safe, all in one, homebrew biodiesel plant. The design features a hand operated mixer and main pump, reducing the chance of explosion due to electrical spark. Full, professional 3D expanded drawing are available with explanations of the design logic learnt from 7 years of experience on larger industrial applications. Will soon be available with 'Methalyzer' technology which detects methanol vapour and shuts off all the electrics in the control panel. Comes with operating instructions on how to make the highest quality biodiesel from waste cooking oil/ rapeseed oil etc.

  The 'Twyn Tub' design addresses some serious safety considerations that should be made when making biodiesel. From our extensive research, we have found that the most common accidents are usually a combination of bad design and user error. The main consideration has been to separate the electirc heating elements from the reactor vessel so that there is NEVER an opportunity to turn them on in an empty vessel containing methanol fumes. Many accidents have happened due to having electrical elements in the processor and some are documented HERE.

  Why is this machine safe and not others? Answer: The machine has been professionally designed to minimise the chances of methanol vapour detonation by either spark or very hot metal surfaces. Furthermore, it has been laid out to be very simple to operate, so that the chances of user error are minimised. For example, our reactor (the right hand 'Tub') features a hand operated mixer which avoids the necessity of using a very expensive ATEX rated pump or motor. However, NOT suitable for industrial/work environments.



  • Ultra-safe design.
  • The reactor and heating tanks are made from steel, which has high resistance to pressure and does not go soft at 60 degrees C.
  • The pipe work is mostly made of steel and is properly supported.
  • The main pump is a spark less, high flow rate pump operated by hand to keep the overall machine cost down. The pump is self priming, tolerant of large particles in the oil and resistant to all the chemicals used.
  • The unit is securely mounted on a sturdy platform and cannot be accidentally knocked over in normal operation.
  • There are NO add ons required for this machine, it is all inclusive and ready to go to make high grade biodiesel conforming to EN14214. The machine will accommodate all the stages of the biodiesel process from heating the oil to drying and de-waxing the finished product.
  • The processes used are all well established, employing traditional biodiesel technology with no 'research' techniques or otherwise. It is a fully developed biodiesel processor.
  • The heating tank is fitted with an internal 3KW 240 volt a/c stainless steel/incalloy heating element with thermostat and over temperature safety cutout switch. There is no heating element in the reactor.
  • Low level sensosr prevents immersion heater being switched on accidentally.
  • Secondary thermostatic cutout in case the main thermostat fails.
  • Will NOT turn your biodiesel acidic with 'Dry wash' or ionic exchange wash.
  • The processor is capable of making one batch of biodiesel every 24 hours although we recommend longer settling times to achieve highest quality.
  • Yield is normally 95% and a minimum of 150 litres.
  • Sight tubes to see fluid levels in the tanks.
  • Sample points on both tanks to determine state of reaction/state of drying etc.
  • Waste vegetable oil pre-filter.
  • Spray nozzle filter system.
  • Biodiesel de-waxing system.
  • Conical tank bottoms to get maximum separation efficiency.
  • Electric circulation pump for drying the oil and drying and de-waxing the biodiesel.
  • Plinthe mounted.
  • Full, comprehensive, training available plus full, two day, training course on DVD.
  • Free on site installation with delivery.
  • Spare parts always in stock.


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TT150 biodiesel processor

TT150 biodiesel processor

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