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Defense dans la Rue Vol.2
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During the later decades of the 19th century Parisian citizens experienced the brutality of the French Apache gangs, the call for an effective means of dealing with it intensified.  Out of necessity a new system of personal combat began to develop. It came to be known as Defense dans  la Rue.

This new DVD production features the striking skills from old school Defense dans la Rue as influenced by classical English boxing & French Savate.

Savate instructor Craig Gemeiner provides a detailed breakdown of the various stand-up striking techniques of this combat system, integrating it with specialized pad work, conditioning exercises and pressure drills making it ideal for the modern self-defence practitioner.

You wont learn any fancy high kicks or low percentage techniques, only those skills that have been time tested in the streets, milling grounds and salles during the past 200 years have been included.

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Defense dans la Rue

< Contents>
  • History
  • La garde
  • True and false guards
  • Passive guards
  • Straight lead punch- stationary
  • Straight lead punch -advancing footwork
  • Straight lead punch - jump step
  • Straight lead punch - gathering step
  • Straight lead punch - diagonal step & pivot
  • Straight lead punch - traditional side step
  • Mix & Match straight lead and footwork variations
  • Straight rear punch
  • Old school parries
  • Parries against straight punches
  • Swing
  • Elbow parry
  • Upper cut - 2 variations
  • Chop blow
  • Safety cover - various applications
  • Punching combinations
  • Body punches
  • Slipping straight punches
  • Low (body) parry
  • Savate street kicking
  • Chasse bas -variations & drills
  • Coup de pied bas -drills
  • Coup de pied point - drills
  • Traditional foot & hand combinations
  • Pressure drills- 3 drills
  • Conditioning drills- 7 drills

“Demonstrations of 19th century fighting techniques are very clear and realistic”

I very much enjoyed watching the latest Street Savate-Defence dans la Rue DVD by Craig Gemeiner.

Demonstrations of 19th century fighting techniques are very clear and realistic. Savate street kicking to the legs along with bare fist punching makes for maximum efficiency and are ideal for defense on the street.

Each chapter relating to techniques includes pictures taken from Emile ANDRES book which is a very good idea and adds to the overall presentation of the DVD.


French Savate moniteur and national Savate judge-referee

Co-author- Savate –Canne- Bâton au fil des siècles

La Veritable Histoire de la Boxe Françaises

“Best one Craig had produced”

Along with his La canne DVDs I think the latest Defense dans la Rue –Steet Savate DVD is the best one Craig had produced.

Edward Andrews
Melbourne, Australia


“The level of instruction, drills and history makes these DVDs the best source material on the subject currently available” 
After purchasing Craig Gemeiners Defense dans la Rue volume 1 DVD, and all his other La canne and Savate DVDs it was with great excitement that I purchased Defense dans la Rue volume 2 DVD.

The level of instruction, drills and history makes these DVDs the best source material on the subject currently available. All the different aspects in the DVD can be watched separately so you can go straight to the area you are working on and check the nuances. One thing I do like a lot is the history section which includes historical pictures of the old Savate men and the French Apaches ruffians. I love this part because it brings the art to life and gives what we are doing a connection to the time period.

The on guard structure and stance is very much English bare knuckle boxing, which is the foundation for the rest of the DVD. The first punch and probably the most used punch to be covered is the straight lead, and is very different to the modern day boxers jab. Loads of distance and footwork variations are shown in an easy to follow format. The straight rear punch is thrown in a similar fashion. The parries I particularly like, they are more like strikes or elbows to the incoming blows rather than the catches and parries of modern boxing. The swing is very different in body mechanics to the hook, thrown with the full rack of knuckles when landing. Body swings are done the same way. Bare knuckle strikes are different without the gloves on. The uppercut is shown two ways, the traditional way and knuckles first. By the way there is a real treat of a set up for the traditional way to upper cut which is worth the price of the DVD alone. The last punch on the DVD, the chop blow, is a good follow up strike at close quarters. The safety cover is demonstrated in different scenarios and shows how necessary and effective it can be when under fire, the cross arm guard is a jazza.

The Savate street kicking section is a very useful section because it provides examples of combinations and counters etc. I love the pressure drills along with the creative use of pads which gives credence to the whole thing -because it shows it works under pressure. The conditioning drills will give you the fuel to feed the fire. If someone practiced these drills from a total beginner they could learn to defend themselves very well.

So get your bum of the settee, gear up and go train Defense dans la Rue and old English boxing style- its effective and great fun.

Gregory Hall

"Craig who once again takes this historical material and shows how it can still be made relevant for self defense in the 21st century"

I recently had the opportunity to watch Defense dans la Rue (DDLR) volume 2, the latest DVD from Craig Gemeiner. While the Vol.1 DVD covered the low line kicking techniques, the focus of Vol.2 is on bareknuckle-style punching in the late 19th & early 20th century DDLR system. I have been waiting for this DVD to be produced for quite a while, and I can honestly say that I was not disappointed.

This DVD is a first rate addition to the body of material that Craig has put out over the last 15 years years. Well formatted, clearly presented and most ably demonstrated by Craig who once again takes this historical material and shows how it can still be made relevant for self defense in the 21st century.

Joe SF


Defense Due La Rue vol 2 is
an excellent DVD! 
Between the techniques and the different drills presented, there is a vast amount of knowledge here to be learned.
Well worth the money!


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