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Connecting Who: Artificial B..
The Cybermen, the Weeping Angels, the Daleks the artificial beings of Doctor Who are some of the most iconic in science fiction. But what inspired them? Connecting Who: Artificial Beings traces their origins back to the myths, folktales and real events of history; the teachings of religion; not to mention...
Novelisation of the classic gritty 1970s British drama. John Kline is an ex-SAS officer recently released from prison who finds himself hired by the secretive DI6 police organisation to go undercover in the Birmingham underworld. Infiltrating a violent gangster organisation, Kline soon finds himself...
Not That Kind Of Art
You won't find watercolours, pastels or oils in Nathan Wyburn's work. Whether Twiggy crafted out of Twiglets, Michael McIntyre with Marmite, or Rowan Atkinson from baked beans, his celebrity portraits combine the pop-art sensibilities of Andy Warhol with non-traditional materials, creating art which...
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Dr Strangelove or: How I Lea..
It is the height of the Cold War and the two power-blocs stand on the brink of war. On a routine patrol, US bombers receive a coded message. Doomsday has arrived; the fight for democracy, freedom and bodily fluids has just gone nuclear The official novelisation of the classic film, Dr Strangelove or:...
Companions: Fifty Years of D..
Think you know Doctor Who? Think again. Companions: Fifty Years of Doctor Who Assistants is an in-depth account of each Doctor Who companion. This book examines each assistants significance in the TV series as well as other Doctor Who media. Written by a true fan, Andy Frankham-Allen, the book also features...