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Gangsters by Philip Martin Novelisation of the classic gritty 1970s British drama. John Kline is an ex-SAS officer recently released from prison who finds himself hired by the secretive DI6 police organisation to go undercover in the Birmingham underworld. Infiltrating a violent gangster organisation,...
A Dish Best Served Cold
A Dish Best Served Cold? by Chris Kinsey Murder, crime, violence! Just so Sonny Wilton can have a future with his sweetheart! Eighteen-year-old Sonny Wilton, in his short years, has lived a life that has been anything but normal. He has witnessed murder, violence, crime and skulduggery, but thanks to...
Birds of Passage
Birds of Passage PRE-ORDER By J Frank Andreas In the 1960s Ian Gilmore led a special military group that dealt with the unusual and the unexplained. Including, occasionally, aliens. They were the Intrusion Countermeasures Group. Eventually it was determined the group was no longer needed, and soon other...
The Release
The Release by Alistair Moore Bennie lives hand- to- mouth in a little bedsit, spending his days avoiding the unsavoury people who wander about his building. All changes one day, when he agrees to help a bereaved father find a small piece of information in exchange for a sum of money which could change...
Kangazang: Small Cosmos
AVAILABLE NOW! The final instalment of the Kangazang! trilogy, Kangazang! Small Cosmos continues the adventures of Jeff and Ray as they find half of the galaxy has been taken over by a militaristic army of peanuts. Meanwhile, Jeff's newborn baby, a highly advanced cyborg, is growing exponentially with...
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Dr Strangelove or: How I Lea..
Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb by Peter George It is the height of the Cold War and the two power-blocs stand on the brink of war. On a routine patrol, US bombers receive a coded message. Doomsday has arrived; the fight for democracy, freedom and bodily fluids has...