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The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: A..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Attack of the Quarks By Chris Lynch & Tim Gambrell Hobo Kostinen s discovery of a strange, boxy robot hidden in a cupboard in an arcade in Porthcawl, leads him and Lucy Wilson into a series of encounters involving the deadly Quarks! In these three linked short adventures, Lucy...
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: T..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Keeper of Fang Rock by Andy Frankham-Allen Lucy is taken to Fang Rock by her cousin, Kat. The location of one of her grandad's greatest adventures. Only the adventure isn't over yet. It looks like Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart might have left something behind... Please also...
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: T..
The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Brigadier & The Bledoe Cadets by Tim Gambrell (Book 5) Lucy Wilson has lost her best friend! Normally this would cause her great distress, but when Hobo's body is hijacked by her Grandad, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Lucy is over the moon. Soon they find themselves hurtling...
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The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Back in London by Sue Hampton & Tim Gambrell This book contains two action-packed Lucy Wilson adventures: In The Llanfairfach Rebellion , by Sue Hampton, Lucy and Hobo decide to join the climate change protests on Waterloo Bridge. But something appears to be affecting both...