If you have a reason to request a refund or return of your book, you can find information below. Please note that attempts to contact us regarding a problem with your order that do not quote a 4-digit order reference number will likely be delayed in their resolution. 

I want to return my book and receive a refund.

We understand that sometimes circumstances dictate that you might want to return a book. If your book was a pre-order title, refund requests must be made within 28 days of the title's release. Otherwise, refund requests must be made within 28 days of the order being placed.

If you are required to return a book to us, delivery costs will not be covered unless the product is damaged. We will require photographic evidence of the damage, please see below.

My book has arrived, but it's damaged.

While we take the utmost care when packaging our books, we know that sometimes a damaged book can slip through. If this is the case, please contact us with photographs of the damage, quoting the 4-digit order reference number, and we will investigate.

Unfortunately, there are times when the book is damaged due to the handling in delivery. We cannot accept responsibility for damages once the package has left us. We would advise making a claim through Royal Mail in cases such as these, information can be found here.

I live abroad and haven't received my order.

If you live abroad and haven't received your book, it may still be on its way to you. While typically orders should arrive within 1-2 weeks, sometimes hold ups at customs can cause a delay in you receiving your order. For this reason, we must allow up to 4 weeks from when we send the parcel to you before we make any further arrangements regarding replacement books being sent.

If you have a problem with your order and are unsure about what to do, please feel free to get in contact as soon as possible regarding your query by emailing lauren@candyjarbooks.co.uk or calling 02921157202.

Please ensure to include your 4-digit order reference number, book title and photographs (if applicable) within your email, as not doing so will likely result in a delay in your query being resolved.

*Please note that while we will respond as quickly as possible, we are a small team and this can sometimes take some time. Queries made outside office hours will take longer to receive a response*