Silent Mountain by Michelle Briscombe

Jack Jupiter is drawn into a thrilling and dangerous adventure where fantastical creatures and unrelenting enemies lead him to discover the truth about the wildlife book he always carries, his father and the mythical Silent Mountain. 

Silent Mountain is a thrilling and magical children's book. It will appeal to fans of Alan Garner, Ali Sparkes and Susan Cooper. 

For readers aged 9+ or perfect to be read aloud to younger children. 


"...with elements of conservation and an awareness of ecological and wildlife themes, this is an excellent read." (Books Monthly) 

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Silent Mountain
An incredible adventure that will capture and inspire the imagination of all young readers.
Mr Rhys
Silent Mountain
J. K. Rowling of Barry Town! - superbly written, rollercoaster adventure. A. J. needs to cut down more trees to meet the demand for paper.
D ice Y man
Silent Mountain
This book is fabulous! I read it in one day as I could not put it down!! My 11 year old son, who does not like reading much........ is loving it too!! What a miracle that is!!! We need the next one written and published NOW!
Trudy Kennedy
Silent Mountain
Great book, edge of your seat stuff - Will read it again once I've had my blood pressure checked, ECG trace done and an echo-cardiogram! We're sure we know these characters, which makes it even more captivating!
Sian & Nick
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