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The Invisible Artist Hardback
The Invisible Artist Hardback
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The Invisible Artist by Jeff Cummins PRE-ORDER

Since 1976, Jeff Cummins has been a prolific artist on many book covers, album covers, and posters. He thinks of himself as the invisible artist due to the fact that much of his work, although known – and out there, most people are unaware that it was Jeff who did it.

He is well-known for his work on the Target novelisations of the 1970s/1980s, most notably The Face of Evil, The Three Doctors and Horror of Fang Rock, as well as cover art for several of the New Adventures of the 1990s, including the seminalDimension Riders and Conundrum.

Not only does this book cover his Doctor Who work, inside you’ll also find stories of The Beatles, of Paul McCartney and his wife, Linda, you will discover the role Jeff had in the marketing of the blockbuster film Back to the Future, painting such artists as Eric Clapton, Yes, Blondie, (and like Chris Achilleos), Whitesnake… and so many more. If a pop/rock artist was popular in the late’70s/early-80s, the chances are you’ll find them in The Invisible Artist.

02.9.22. We have run out of stock. We have ordered more copies and they should be with us in five weeks.

Good news!  We are now including Jeff's most recent commission, the Doctor Who Discovers Pirates cover as featured in Doctor Who Magazine last month. This is your last change to order the limited edition hardback.

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A lavish Hardback with hudden gems
16 August 2022
Simply put. Beautiful. From well known images to pieces never seen before. Ibcluding a brand new Target Cover just for Fun. A lavish book, bringing together one of my favourite artists.Stands aside the recent Chris Achellios Book like brothers in arms. Superb,thank you candy jar.
Bryan Simcott
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