Members are allowed to take up to two guests to many of our waters, provided that they accompany them at all times.

Guest tickets are not available for Spinnaker Lake, Bisterne, Tincleton, Horsport or Redbrook.

Day guest tickets are not available for Hucklesbrook Lake although x2 24 hour guest permits are available from Ringwood Tackle. 

All river venues are open 16th June to March 14th inclusive, except Sopley Main River that is closed from February 1st each year.

Please select the venue you wish to visit with guest/s from the drop down options.

You can view our step=by-step guide to buying a ticket online HERE
Guest Tickets

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Hampshire Avon Guest Tickets

Hampshire Avon Guest Tickets

Guest tickets on the superb Hampshire Avon.

Dorset Stour Guest Tickets

Dorset Stour Guest Tickets

For all our available stretches of the Dorset Stour