Buying a ticket online is quick, convenient and hassle free. Follow this quick guide to see the step-by-step process:

Select the ticket type you want and click 'details'

The ticket option will default to a member's ticket. If you want to
change this for a guest ticket just select via the scroll bar.
Then press 'Add to cart'

Fill in the pop-up form with the relevant details and press

If you require an additional item select 'continue shopping'.
If not press 'checkout'

First time users of the webstore will need to register by filling in
the blanks shown by the yellow arrow. After a single use the 
blanks by the pink arrow will auto-populate with your details (as
second image) and you will simply click 'continue'

Postage is set to zero. Click continue and you will reach the confirmation page.
Tickets are valid for day of purchase unless another date is entered in
the 'additional instructions' box like so

Click on the Paypal logo to reach the payment page. Simply enter your Paypal details or click to 'pay with card'

All done!
You will be emailed an invoice with the details of your order. Print this, take a screen shot or ensure a bailiff can view this on the bank as proof of 
purchase. Tight lines!