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CNY BRC 2017 For Family with God Of Wealth Prayers

Product Code: CNYBRC-F
CNY BRC 2017 For Family with God Of Wealth Prayers

CNY BRC 2017 For Family with God Of Wealth Prayers Summary

Bird Release Ceremony with God of Wealth Prayer for Family  is .....

1. To get rid of Xiao Ren (vile people or people that cause trouble for us) 

2. To invite Gui Ren (noblemen or people who save us from hopeless situations) everywhere for us .

and includes .....

1. One year of Master atan's Prayers.

2. Welcoming and inviting God of Wealth into your house on the eve of Chinese New Year 2017 (27 January)

3. Creating wealth water and making Wealth cures in Dhealing forum (optional) . 

The Bird Release will be performed during the 15 days of Chinese New Year in 2017 (from 28 January to 11 February.)

For those who wish to donate to the Wealth Of God Ceremony - all donations are welcome (this is to generate money wealth karma for you and your family)

*** There will also be a free Wish Fulfillment Technique whereby each of your family member can make a wish every month for God of Wealth to fulfill 

Customer Reviews
3 review(s) posted (write review) 5 product stars
Wish this is a good start... - MWB, Malaysia - 1/8/2014
Dear Master/Mods/Members, Just before end of 2008 and also before the start of year of Ox, I have asked and requested Master to perform special prayer and also BRC for CNY 2009. Since then, guess what happen? I have strike special prize on the 9th day of CNY (Thne Kong Bday) and also first prize on the eve of Chap Goh Meh (15th day, which is last day of CNY). I am truly blessed with this news, eventhough is not a big amount (I just bought RM1 only), and I truly believed this could be from the prayers performed by Master. With that, my humble donation will reach Master's account soon as my appreciation to Master and Moderators who assist in all the way they can. Appreciate all your assistance.

5 product stars
Lucky draw - Kim888, Malaysia - 1/8/2014
Dear Master/Moderators, I am very happy to inform that on Chap Goh Meh 28Feb10, (2 days after activation of Piyao in SW facing NE) my second son won 4th prize (out of 88) in a Lucky draw. !!!! Although he did not win the 1st/2nd prize aircon which he really needs, he is still quite pleased with the small prize considering that he has never won any lucky draw in the past. I am so glad for this change from bad luck in 2009 (his watch & ipod were stolen) to good luck in 2010 for him. May his good luck continue to grow throughout the year. Thanks to Piyao, God of Wealth, Master's FS techniques. Kim888

5 product stars
Small windfall 2 - dl_6988 - 1/8/2014
Dear Master and moderators, just to share good news that my wife struck 4D last sunday! :) Although small winning just 400plus, still it is a asuspicius start Year of Cow! Thanks to Master for Special prayer and all the moderators for all your kind contribution and activation. Must be the good dhealing Qi! We wish good health and good fortune to Master, each and everyone in dhealing too. :) Cheers! dl_6988