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CNY BRC 2017 For Gui Ren Helpful People

Product Code: CNYBRC-GR
CNY BRC 2017 For Gui Ren Helpful People

CNY BRC 2017 For Gui Ren Helpful People Summary

Bird Releasing Ceremony for Gui Ren, Benefactors or Helpful People  -

This is an important BRC to give thanks to our Gui Ren , as many Gui Ren (Helpful People, Helpful Ancestors and Helpful Holy Angels) had helped us to overcome our obstacles and brought many benefits to us and our family.

With this thankful BRC performed during the Chinese New Year -  we hope our Gui Ren or Benefactors will continuously help us and our family in 2017 to achieve a much peaceful and better life with good things to come.

All the BRCs performed by Master are to get rid of Xiao Ren (vile people or people that cause trouble for us) and to invite Gui Ren (noblemen or people who save us from hopeless situations) everywhere for us .
Customer Reviews
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Every day feels right after BRC - Rachel, Singapore - 1/8/2014
Dear Master atan, Choesf, Katarina, Rose and other-Dhealing-Team-members I may have missed out, 7th Month 2012 is near to an end and I am happy to report that this month has been VERY smooth sailing for me. I acknowledge that I used to be "overly" emotional in the past (see-sawing between joy and depression). And ever since including my family and I in the BRCs, I can feel a balancing of my emotions; I feel sustainably happy everyday (not easily tired like in the past). And so many good things happen EVERY day... In fact, I have met so many Gui Ren who exude a different energy from the people I have met before - Honest, Kind, Eager To Help. In the past, people who portray themselves to be helpful, do not feel totally "right" to me, but I made-do with the help I can get. Now, I can feel the sincerity and congruence of the Gui Ren I meet (similar to Master atan, Choesf, Katarina and Rose). Life is truly different. Today, a respected leader in 'my' industry offered me a lift home in a luxurious Mercedes. "By chance", we were travelling to the same area (within 1km). This allowed me to travel home in comfort and also receive valuable ideas and tips. Truly, how many people have the opportunity to receive such luck? I am grateful. Love, Rachel