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Dhealing Feng Shui and Spiritual Techniques were especially designed and activated  by Master atan, a retired Professional Healer, Feng Shui Master, Psychic, Crystal Master and New Age Priest.

His techniques are straightforward and easy to follow every year. There is no need to buy a different set of Feng Shui items for each Chinese new year as almost all his items can be reused if they are not broken. However, for best results, it is recommended that the items are replaced with new ones after a maximum of 3 years. 

Master atan also offers free Feng Shui advice at his FORUM and anyone is welcome to post their queries there.  

From his many years of research and development in the arts of Healing, Spirituality and Feng Shui, Master atan had refined his Feng Shui techniques to make them easy to follow.

They were effective and found to bring many benefits to the users, such as :-

- many people were successful in achieving a better quality of life

- the techniques had helped many who found their answers and a peaceful life within a short period

- many problems and obstacles in life were overcome with the application of these unique techniques

Master atan is most famous for his Activated Salt & Coin Cures (SCCs) which are good for removing negative energies and tension,  and effective in countering poison arrows and bad annual Flying Stars  (especially Misfortune Star # 5). 

His unique Activated Trinity 3Coins placement is good in not only protecting one's job or business, it can also enhance it. This technique, when combined with a SCC, in the North sector is very powerful. 

Master atan's Activated Pi Yao Magic technique is unique from the other schools of Feng Shui - his is specially designed for home and personal protection, for enhancing windfall luck and to counter some negative Flying Stars as well.  

The amount of positive feedback we received was proof that these techniques were indeed  effective to many of those who had sought our help. 

There are 2 ways for beginners to start using his techniques :

1) you can buy the Chinese coins and Feng Shui items at a shop or in a Chinatown where you stay, and then ask for the items'  FREE activation by the Moderators at Dhealing Forum.  

2) for a more convenient method, you can purchase any of the Feng Shui and Spiritual Services at the Webstore here - the Feng Shui items come activated (programmed) by Master atan himself specifically for your use. They are also more powerful and more effective. 

For the Bird Release Ceremonies (BRC) - once your requests have been confirmed, Master atan will perform the BRC for you within 3 days therein.

For Healing Prayer requests - once we received your payments with the names confirmed, we will list the names for the prayers.
We would like to wish you and your loved ones good health, lots of prosperity and a much better year in 2017! 


Testimonial for Master atan -

As one travels along life’s path;

They learn many things along the way. Some good, some bad; if one is lucky ­ he/she learns to heal. Enhancing one’s ability adding when you can and achieving the ability to let go of things no longer required on the journey.

Some stumble along the way… trying to figure it out as they go. Some are fortunate enough to meet another who will assist them in achieving a new level of awareness or ability to heal oneself as well as others. We have been blessed with the good fortune of meeting Atan.

He’s taught us much about healing others but more so he’s taught us how to heal ourselves. His philosophies on life, healing and spirituality have had such a profound effect to be so simple. His technique of teaching leads one to understanding and confidence in ones own ability to practice the method of Energy Healing.

The various methods of Energy Healing shared with us include remote healing, “no touch” and the use of crystals. The latter of which, we now use quite often.

In the short time since we have met Atan, we have gained a deeper self-awareness of our abilities to heal, a higher level of self-esteem and a clearer sense of direction as we walk this path. We consider Atan to be a mentor, as well as a good friend His universal teachings have enlightened us and shall be carried with us always.

Frank and Betty, Grand Rapids, MI,  USA