Welcome to donna-magazine-writing-services

Welcome to Donna Magazine Writing Services!

With the Vintage Typewriter option, you can choose from more than 100 books and audiobooks done by Donna Kakonge that will be sent directly and electronically to your inbox for as little as $3.99 USD.

With the Many Documents Day options, you can receive documents of any sort custom-written for $9.00 USD/page on the following topics: 

Documents for: Pharmaceutical, Environment/Recycling, Consulting, Legal, Business (various), Retail, Education, Medicine, Counseling/Therapy, Writing/Poetry, Media/Communication, Public Relations/Marketing, Advertising, Agriculture, Landscaping/Gardening, Human Resources, Law Enforcement/Military, Interior Design, Fashion, Architecture, Art/Antiques, Mechanical/Automotive, Construction, Tools/Hardware. 

Delivered in 24 Hours from Receipt of Order.

Discounts available for this option of 10% each day late if order volume is full and documents are delayed late.