Eightball Products was set up by Beth Burgess, a coach and psychotherapist specialising in addiction, mental health and well-being. Beth has personally experienced severe addiction and mental health issues and overcome them all.

Eightball Products aims to provide useful tools and books to help people become the people they want to be, as well as gift items to celebrate sobriety.

We specialise in addiction recovery and offer supplies for personal use as well as rehab and treatment centres.

But even if you've never been an addict, many of the products we offer can help you achieve better well-being and higher levels of happiness.

Beth's websites include:
Smyls Therapy and Recovery Coaching
Wiseism - for ways of living wisely
Beth's personal website, which lets you know all her latest news.


The Happy Addict: How to be Happy in Recovery fr..
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The Happy Addict: How to be Happy in Recovery fr..
Have you got clean and sober, but are finding it hard to be happy? Have you relapsed in the past because life was boring and uninspiring? Or maybe you've got sobriety, but you're finding it hard to change your old behaviours and ways of thinking. The Happy Addict is the ultimate guide to achieving an...