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: Fox Amoore
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HASHTAG - A brilliant collaborative album by Fox Amoore and Pepper Coyote. From the epic and silly, to the deep and moving, this represents the very best audio qualities of a musical Scottish Fox and a musical American Coyote. 14 tracks, nearly an entire hour of original (And a cover of Disney Zootopia's "Try Everything") music.

We're also very proud to introduce some amazing guest musicians whom have really helped this album to have a punchy and live sound:

- Ned "Rhubarb" Wilkinson" on brass, bass, guitar and additional vocals.
- Runtt Wah on Drums and Percussion.
- Koroz on Electric Guitar.
- Pete Phin on Bass (Fruit Cups.)
- Ashley Serena and CosmikĀ on additional vocals.

The album has been mastered professionally by Abbey Road's Paul Bailey (whom also mastered my previous album Come Find Me) and pressed and produced by DB Masters.

It is presented in a cellophane wrapped 4 sided digipak, featuring beatiful art by Amber "Vantid" Hill, with text and graphic design by Alex Vance.





If you've read this far down... Then thank you! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to use the contact options on the site!

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Customer Reviews

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Definitely $15 well spent! 5 product stars
"I've been a huge fan of Fox's music ever since I came across his gallery several years ago, and I heard him and Pepper perform "Try Everything" for the first time when I went to Megaplex this year. I loved how they sounded together, so I just had to have this album. I loved it so much that I bought a second copy for my brother the next weekend at FA United. There's something so distinctive about this album - I think it's because it truly is furry-centric music and not simply music created by furries. But Pepper has a fantastic voice (very reminiscent of singers like Eric Clapton and Jim Croce), and it meshes very well with Fox's composition and performance. I've been listening to it a lot for motivation while drawing, and I've been encouraging all of my friends in the furry fandom to buy it as well. Definitely well worth it!" Alioth Fox - 18 August 2016
#hashtag 5 product stars
"Love this CD! Got my copy at Anthrocon and haven't stopped listening to it since! It's a perfect album with a great variety of songs that you can listen to over and over. It was a great album to put on repeat at my 4th of July party. Everyone loved it. Would definitely recommend!" Dixie - 08 July 2016
Bought Fox, Got Pepper 3 product stars
"Approaching this album is difficult for me because my issue with it isn't so much a lack of quality, any deficiencies in the instrumentation or voice work, or any criticisms of the content by itself. I feel unable to recommend this album as a very major fan of Fox Amoore because I could barely hear any of his touch on it. Where was the beautiful instrumental musicality, the artful blending in of voice, the mix of instruments that have always characterized Fox' work for me in the past? It felt like it was shoved into the background and played third fiddle to the vocals and compositions of someone who wasn't Fox Amoore. I have no issues with Pepper; he has a good voice, clear ability as an artist, and sings quite well. But my expectation was that HASHTAG was to be a collaboration, a blending of Pepper doing vocals and lyrics, with a good hearty helping of Fox' characteristic instrumentals, and that both of them would be contributing at bare minimum a roughly even mix of solo work since the name at the top of the billing was that of Fox. Instead, I got one instrumental piece that sounded like the artist at the top of the billing, and the rest was contributed by the other artist. I feel that this album should have had the billing reversed to empathized that it would primarily feature the work of Pepper Coyote. As to the score I give it, I feel that the most honest approach is to subtract a star for a primarily-vocal album just not being to my tastes (even though I recognize that there's nothing wrong with the singer), and another for the fact that I feel that this album was sold as something that it was not." Keith Moore - 18 February 2017
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