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-" Fuck yes.. this shit is dramatically amazing! It's not easy to find so much quality, winning ideas, great sounds and arrangements in just one fuckin' single album, especially if you look around and find lots of fake-albums and millions of useless bands. This album gave me the chance to hear something really creative. Gromth reminds me of Devil Doll here and there and that's a fucking massive sellin-point."  - (Fabban - Aborym) 

                -" The most impressive aspect with this album is the great variation in the music that makes me wanna listen to it over and over again. The orchestral arrangements are awesome and creates a unique sound picture. I really like the mix between the organic elements as flutes and violins and the cold FX - elements. Well, genuine music makes words poor, and you have made me speechless. Impressive!" - (Øystein G. Brun - Borknagar) 

                -" This sounds fucking awesome! The orchestral arrangements sounds great and it's obvious you have spent much time on it. I need a moments peace to really enjoy the epicness of what you have done."  - (Jonny Maudling - Bal-Sagoth) 

                -" It all sounds highly professional, I can easily hear the experience among the musicians and your concept must have been a lot of work! The music sounds like a well thought out soundtrack and there is a lot to listen to, a lot to consume so to say and I think that is what you aim for with your music. Overall it sounds massive and very professional and I hope it will get a lot of attention in the press"  - (Ardek - Carach Angren) 

                 - "...this beast knocked its way into Norwegian history as one of the most massive, brutal, destructive, dynamic, symphonic and progressive albums - ever!" -  (Nash Rothanburg - Scream Magazine, rating 6/6)

                - "Gromth makes Rhapsody's style of Hollywood-metal seem like a plastic spoon among razor sharp knives!" - (Bjørn Nørsterud - Scream Magazine, rating 6/6)

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