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"Animal Teachings 2 from Hayley's Angels Methods"

Dr. Joanne Lefebvre Connolly is a vegan intuitive veterinarian of the New World whose mission is to empower all animals and humans to live in balance, as One, with the web of life. She promotes intuitive medicine for the mind, body and soul.

May the compassionate evolution continue as Dr. Joanne shares more wisdom from animals in this second book (printed on recycled paper) with mind-expanding and mind-exploding animal teachings to help you and your pets achieve maximum fulfillment and purpose during your incarnation on Earth, so you can both live your best lives and shine your brightest!

What is your and your pets’ life mission? What foods should you and your pets eat? Which animal were you in your past life and how is it shaping who you are today? Did your pet live as a human before? Do you have a twin soul or a soulmate in your life? What are the four most difficult skills to master as a human being? How can you clean up your life for maximum
health benefits for you and your pets? What are the best ways to strengthen your and your loved ones’ immune system?

How can you follow nature’s guidance and the energy flow for better living and better dying? How can you prevent accidents and diseases for you and your pets? What do your teeth say about your personality and your health issues? Do animals commit suicide? What can we learn from natural disasters? How much do you truly know about yourself and your loved ones, animals and humans? What is the goal of life? Can you reconnect with the Source, become ONE with Mother Nature and be a teacher for the New World?

Animals are the best teachers!
Be Oneness, Be Greatness

It is highly recommended to read book 1 prior to book 2 for maximum comprehension and benefits ♥️

For book purchase, paperback and kindle (especially if you want to be able to write a book review), visit
Animal Teachings 2: from Hayley’s Angels Methods: Connolly, Joanne: 9781595949967: Books

For your personalized signed book, purchase here on this website!

Que la prise de conscience continue! Version française disponible 2021.

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