All is connected. All is one.

Deceases in our body usually starts in our auric fields or within our chakras. Keep the chakras strong , keep the auric fields strong.

There are seven layers of the auric field that are primal and additional ones too, up to twelve.
The later five are not always active depending on the person's path in life.
Traumas from existing life as well as prior can often lead to fears and holdbacks as well as aches and pains. Theses can be physical, emotional or mental traumas. Something big that happened one time that shook you up.

It's essential to have all chakras spinning freely and all auras to be whole without holes and leaks and rips.
Also other people's energies can drain you. There can be chords that need to be cut.

All of this can be resolved with the lovely help of the Arcurians as well as the Archangels.

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