Mostly I do readings By Tarot cards or Oracle cards... already when I was a young teen I would give readings using normal playing cards, I since have advanced to more in-depth cards but the readings are still as accurate!

Guidance also come to me through, visions, images and words. Your guides, my guides, the Angels. Readings are more than cards drawn :)
I channel.

Know that  all a reading is in the moment, and that moments can change, this is not a set future. It is a glance of the path that you are now, of what lies ahead or maybe an alternative path, would you need this. 

I go by guidance if Tarot cards or one of my Oracle decks is the right one to use, sometimes I use two decks... Remember all hunches are Divine! The Angels know what you need.
The right one always speaks up :)

***I do many readings depending on the situation, there are so many spreads out there I am just a bit limited by the space here ;) so feel free to ask I have several options;)))***
If you want your own personalized just for you we can totally make this happen!

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