Energizers Firm Support Pantyhose [style 19285]
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  • Energizers Firm Support Pantyhose [style 19285]
  • 19285
  • Energizers
  • Weight: 90g
  • Product Condition: New
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$14.65 inc. tax

Product Description

Energizers Firm Support Pantyhose gives you the strongest support for your dollar. This style is now different from what many customers might be familiar with. It might be a little longer, and a little looser, because the older version cut off circulation at the top of the leg.

Be sure to check out the Energizers brand category for more information about Energizers support hosiery being compression hosiery and a bit of information about the brand's history.

As of June 21, 2016, all colour size combinations are ready to ship immediately, except for black size C, and hint-o-black size C. Those 2 colour-size combinations will ship in about 2 weeks.

Style #19285 is a newer version of style #4085.

This is made is Canada.

Panty 75% 25%
Legs 77% 23%
ft & in / pi & pocmlbkg
A 4′10″-5′4″ 147-163 cm 95-120 lb 43-54 kg
B 5′1″-5′8″ 155-173 cm 100-140 lb 45-63 kg
C 5′2″-5′10″ 157-178 cm 125-160 lb 57-73 kg
D 5′4″-5′11″ 163-180 cm 140-180 lb 63-81 kg
Q 5′4″-6′0″ 163-183 cm 170-210 lb 77-95 kg

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