Energizers Medium Support Pantyhose [style 19211]
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  • Energizers Medium Support Pantyhose [style 19211]
  • 19211
  • Energizers
  • Weight: 70g
  • Product Condition: New
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$11.95 inc. tax

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You will like wearing medium support to meet your everyday comfort needs. The double-covered Lycra provides superior comfort, all day support, and durability.The reinforced panty has a special waistband construction to help the waistband keep in place all day long. If you prefer a waistless panty with your hosiery, and/or if you prefer control top, then consider ordering Energizers Medium Support Waistband-free Pantyhose.

Please note that the manufacturer has increased the prices of this by $2.50 before taxes and shipping. This is due to the weaker Canadian dollar, the economy, and the fact that the materials are often American. For products that are out of stock, or are recently ordered, I have increased the price.

All of the black sizes are ready to ship in less than 24 hours. The following colour-size combinations are also ready to ship in less than 24 hours: hint-o-black, in sizes B & C, taupe, in sizes B, C, & Q, and blush, in sizes B, C, D, & Q, and natural, in sizes B, C, D, & Q. All other colour-size combinations are still available for order, and will ship in about 2-3 weeks.

White in all 3 sizes is ready to ship in less than 24 hours.

White is no longer being manufactured, so customers should stock up. These specific white pairs were repackaged as Jessica support pantyhose, even though they were manufactured to be the exact same as Energizers Medium Support Pantyhose.

Style #19211 is a newer version of style #40211.

1 great thing about Energizers Medium Support sheers, compared to other Energizers styles, is that this has the most colours and sizes. Medium Support sheers has 5 colours and 5 sizes, while the others have 2 or 3 colours with 1 to 4 sizes. If you are looking to add to your wardrobe a variety of colours with a consistent fabric, then seriously consider this style.

Be sure to check out the Energizers brand category for the manufacturer claim that it is compression hosiery and for a bit of information about the brand's history.

This is made is Canada.

Here is some information regarding the sheer full length hosiery.

Panty 83% 17%
Legs 91% 9%
ft & in / pi & pocmlbkg
A 4′10″-5′4″ 147-163 cm 95-120 lb 43-54 kg
B 5′1″-5′8″ 155-173 cm 100-140 lb 45-63 kg
C 5′2″-5′10″ 157-178 cm 125-160 lb 57-73 kg
D 5′4″-5′11″ 163-180 cm 140-180 lb 63-81 kg
Q 5′4″-6′0″ 163-183 cm 170-210 lb 77-95 kg

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