Silks Essentials Waistband Free Pantyhose [style 19534]
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  • Silks Essentials Waistband Free Pantyhose [style 19534]
  • 19534
  • Silks Essentials
  • Weight: 60g
  • Product Condition: New
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Alter: Leg Length

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Product Description

The panty is doubled up to avoid adding a waistband. This is intended to avoid pinching. The doubling up of the fabric makes it a tiny bit thicker, which has the benefit of being more durable, and therefore lasting longer. Despite the doubled up fabric, the garment still creates a sleek look, as demonstrated in the package photo.

The panty could be best thought of as a low-mid rise panty, where a mid rise panty might be thought of as a regular panty. This panty works well with tight dresses or outfits that reveal a bit of midriff.

The doubling up of the fabric makes it a reinforced panty, and not a control top panty. Therefore, the panty is not too constrictive. On the other hand, if you want a little tummy support, then don't be afraid to try a pair of the Silks control top version of this style.

Unfortunately, this style is discontinued. There are still many pairs of hint-o-black in sizes B & C, though, and as of Dec. 15, 2016, they are currently in stock. There are 9  black size B pairs in stock. Since these are cheaper than the other style, get these black size B pairs while you can. If you would like size A, then consider getting us to shorten some size B pairs for you. If you would like black C and natural, then please consider the Silks version of this style.

This beautiful sheer hosiery features a shadow toe.

Panty 85% 15%
Legs 79% 21%

The sizes for this Silks Essentials style are the same as the sizes for the Silks versions.

Size A B C
Height 4′10″-5′4″ 5′1″-5′8″ 5′2″-5′10″
Weight 95-130 lbs. 110-155 lbs. 130-180 lbs.

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