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  • Summerfield necklace with bow clasp
    Summerfield necklace with bow clasp
    This is a handmade product by me. A beautiful metalwire necklace with glass-, acrylic- and freshwaterpearls. The necklace has a cute bowshaped clasp. It measures about 43cm (about 17") - between a so called "standard short" and "standard long" length. Please refer to chart. The freshwaterpearls are about 0.7cm in diameter, the clear crackled about 1cm and the biggest beads around 1,3cm in diameter.
  • Vintage flower bead necklace
    Vintage flower bead necklace
    This is a handmade product by me. A beautiful necklace made with glass-, acrylic- and metal- beads. It measures about 70cm (27.5") and 12cm (4.7") for the pendant piece. The metalflowers are about 2cm in diameter - the smaller metalflowers about 1cm in diameter. Beads measure around 1cm in diameter. Although the necklace is big enough to fit over the head I have added a clasp for easier wear.

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