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Life in a Glasscase

Life in a Glasscase is a group of artists devoted to the creation of fanzines.

A fanzine (from fan+magazine) is a nonofficial, non-profit-making publication, produced by fans and for fans who share some particular interests. Fanzines are sometimes also called "fanbook" and "anthology".

We aren't a cirle with fixed members, so in each one of our books appear stories and illustrations made by different artists.

Our headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain. Nonetheless, we usually work with artists not only from differents cities in Spain, but also with artists from all around the world.

For more information in English, please visit our website.

For the latest news in Spanish about our yaoi fanzines, please visit Life in a Glasscase's blog.
For information about our Spanish yuri fanzines, please visit Lis en Fleur's blog.