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Fuckability Summary

Fuckability is the first single from the Maria Doyle Kennedy CD MÜTTER released May 18th 2007. It is a song about expectation! The bristling ‘Fuckability' is a hell of a record, full of hazy effects and deep and dirty sounds.swampy Marrakech motorik spiked with Stereolab synth hooks, growling bass, and an unashamedly carnal vocal. 


Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Fuckability - Himaryous - 21/09/2013
I love the voice, melodic and yet just a hair flinty, very intriguing.

5 product stars
Fuckability - Paul David - 21/09/2013
Great singer with a great song and video to match! 5 stars my friend!

5 product stars
Fuckability - Libretto24601 - 21/09/2013
This song is so awesome!

5 product stars
Fuckability - NathaliieEmma - 21/09/2013
Fuckability is my absolute favorite song! I love it! I could hear it all day long :D

5 product stars
Fuckability - Alessandra LoRusso - 21/09/2013
Best song ever!!

5 product stars
Fuckability - NuttyCherry - 21/09/2013
love this song, and i love her hair!

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