GRAVEBOMB - Rot In Putrid Filth


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GRAVEBOMB - Rot In Putrid Filth Summary

Traditional Swedish death metal, voracious and relentless assault with no mercy, chainsaw quitars, bloodthirsty vocals and heart attack inducing drum beats. They breathe death metal and they are triumphantly showing everyone what the genre is about!
Gravebomb started out as a brainchild by Patrik(quitar) and Petter(quitar/vocals) while both parts were looking to play death metal of the older kind, something based on the old Swedish bands like Disme
mber and Entombed. Thrash metal drummer Leon joined the two shortly aswell as Petters brother, bass player and music theory expert Sven. With the chainsaw sounding HM-2 maxed out the band create a big load of oldschool sounding songs for their debut album. Highly recommended for fans of Entombed,Dismember, Grave, Autopsy & more.

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