VELD - Daemonic-The Art Of Dantalian

VELD - Daemonic-The Art Of Dantalian

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VELD - Daemonic-The Art Of Dantalian Summary

New release.
Veld (Poland/Belarus) has been around for quite a while now, ''Daemonic: Art of Dantalian'' is their fourth full release. They play a style rooted in Polish blackened death metal with forays into tech/brutal death subsets.One of the best Blackened Death Metal extreme albums of 2015,totally agressive and devastating,received a surprising number of the highest grades from the profile of the press around the world.

Today group members: Kirill Bobrik - All Guitars & Vocals, Tomasz Wawrzak - Bass, Wojtek Slavinsky - Drums. 
The material was recorded in a leisurely Polish Sinsinity Studio, in collaboration with a talented engineer Marek Bochenek previously worked with Yattering. Music of the band has undergone many changes, and was subjected to mass experiments. Gloomy and poisonous atmosphere of industrial-made rigid and technically Blackened Death Metal more diverse, distinct and organic, which made it possible to stand out and declare awareness among hundreds of groups all over the planet. On the female vocals was invited talented girl Victoria Klimowicz, who is also a lecturer on the vocal class in his native city of Poznan. Responsibility for the design of the album was made by famous artist Vladimir "Smerdulak" Chebakov, in close collaboration with Kirill Bobrik.

Recommended to fans of mid-career Behemoth, Hate, Hours of Penance, Nile, Hate Eternal etc.
Available now in limited tape edition to 120 copies, 60 black/60 red cassettes, including inlay with full original arwork, full lyrics and a free Veld coloured poster.
Stay daemonic!Support pure tape releases.

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