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OMG Lipsticks

Unicorn Lust
So what can I say about this magical lipstick? Well it's just that magical. It has a beautiful texture and stays glossy while wearing it. It contains magical pigments that create a magical two tone colour of blue and purple. 
Unicorns everywhere will be jealous of your lips, that will be kissable, shimmery and soft.

Lovely Lady Lipstick
Lovely Lady is a super cute and a beautiful colour. Pink with a blue iridescent shimmer to it that will leave people mesmerized by your luxurious lips. 

Satin Lipstick
This lipstick has been packed full of luxurious pigments, a mixture of red and gold to give it that amazing shine only fit for Royalty. 

Taylor Lipstick

Taylor lipstick is a beautiful pink colour for those days when you want something soft but still provides that wow factor. She may seem shy at first but she has a naughty side.

Truffle Lipstick
Truffle is an amazing bronze brown colour that has a beautiful shimmer to it.
It is packed with beautiful pigments to offer a great coverage that will leaves your lips feeling like they are on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Galaxy Lipstick
Galaxy Lipstick is an amazing mixture of swirls, it includes the colours, blue, black, purple and silver white along with holographic pigments to give the illusion that your lips are the stars above. when it goes on you are left with a deep blue/purple colour and a shimmer to last for days or should I say nights. 

Ghoulish Lipstick
Ghoulish is a beautiful silver white colour with a glittery sparkle. After all spooky lips are nothing without sparkle. 

Orchid Lipstick 
Orchid is packed full of colour and glitter. It has a holographic sparkle to it. It's not just another purple, it's magical. 

Scream queen Halloween
Made especially for those of you who love Halloween all year round. Orange is a bold colour but it would make you feel amazing. 

Moon Kissed
Moon kissed may look like a black lipstick, I can assure it's much more, it is like the night sky when the moon is full and that stars are only just visible. 

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