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Being an angler myself for almost 30 years & having been employed in the Engineering sector during my career, I have often modified various items of tackle or have come up with my own ‘innovations’ at various times.


Having used different models of the DAIWA range of Big-Pit type reels, I had always wanted to perform the free-spool / Quick-Drag conversion myself, but I couldn’t source the components in order to perform the conversion & I was concerned at doing lasting damage to my expensive reels! Additionally, I did not want to pay £15 per spool & spool cap to be converted by someone I didn’t know & I could not vouch for their workmanship. After all, paying £45 for three spools to be converted is a lot of money to pay when you just pop them in the post then receive them a few days later & the conversion done to them is permanent. This is not to say that the workmanship is not to the highest standard, but with so many people claiming to be able to do the conversion, I had not come across anyone that has actually had it done to their reels.

With this in mind, once I understood the principle of converting these reels I then tried the conversion for myself & found it to be amazingly simple. For my own conversions, I was fortunate to get the components required custom-made for me by a friend, but at a cost.

Since this time, I have documented & explained how simple the conversion is to perform & now many of my friends have converted their own reels with great success. However the problem still lay with sourcing the correct components for this purpose.

After working hard to source the components necessary to complete the conversion, I am now able to provide low-cost solution for those wishing to convert their own DAIWA Big-Pit reels.


The QUICK-DRAG CONVERSION KIT comprises of the components to convert both the spool & spool cap / drag knob & a set of detailed instructions of how to perform the conversion.

Typically, the QUICK-DRAG CONVERSION KIT will allow the user to go from ‘fully locked up’ to ‘free-spool’ in half a turn of the drag knob, or less!

Which Reel Models Can I Convert With The QUICK-DRAG CONVERSION KIT?

At present, there are two kits available that are suitable for the following DAIWA models:

Quick-Drag Conversion Kit 1 (Product Code QD-1):

· DAIWA Emblem Series
· DAIWA Entoh Series
· DAIWA Emblem Spod

Quick-Drag Conversion Kit 2 (Product Code QD-2):

· DAIWA Tournament Series

It is possible that this kit may suit other DAIWA Big-Pit reels. The above list will be updated to include other models at a later date.




Q) I am considering purchasing Quick-Drag Conversion Kits to convert my reels. What level of expertise is required to fit them? 

A) The Quick-Drag conversion is a two-part process, essentially involving a conversion to the spool cap & the spool itself. No technical expertise is required to convert the spool, however the use of a drill is required (no holes are drilled, it is merely used as a method of removing material) to convert the spool cap. This does not entail damaging or breaking the spool cap & the result will not affect the visible cosmetics of the reel. As with any conversion process where the mechanics of the reel are being altered, the more care that is exercised when performing the conversion, the better the result will be.

Q) How long does the conversion take to perform? 

A) Converting the spool cap normally takes around ten minutes – although once completed, it is preferable to leave the spool cap for twenty-four hours to allow the resin to cure fully. The spool conversion can be done in approximately five minutes. 

Q) Is the conversion permanent? 

A) It is possible to return the drag to its original condition, however this depends on the level of care taken when performing the conversion process initially. If you’ve followed the supplied instructions carefully & you haven’t gone overboard with the resin, then it is simple to reverse it. 

Q) I’ve Quick-Drag converted my reels & they ‘lock up’ with less than half a turn of the spool cap. I’d like to increase this to half a turn or more – is this possible? 

A) By replacing some or all of the felt washers back into the spool assembly, the Quick-Drag effect can be fine-tuned. The more felt washers that are incorporated in the spool, the more turns it will require to compress them & subsequently, more turns of the spool cap will be required to go from ‘free spool’ to ‘locked-up’. Experiment with the washer configuration to achieve the amount of turns required to suit your preference. 

Q) I’ve converted my reel to Quick-Drag, but as the spool rotates, the spool cap rotates with it & tightens down onto the spool. What can I do to prevent this? 

A) Invariably, this is a direct result of the thread within the spool cap becoming worn after sustained use. However the solution is very simple: 

1) Remove the spool cap from the reel.

2) Take the spool off the reel.

3) Remove the retaining clip that holds the washer assembly within the spool.

4) Remove all the washers from the spool housing in sequence.

5) There will be one metal (stainless steel) washer that has a rectangular-profiled hole in the center of it. This cannot rotate when it is mounted on the rotor spindle of the reel (it is unable to spin with the spool as it rotates). This needs to go back into the spool housing last of all - replace all of the washers back into the spool, ensuring that this washer goes back in last & is now the top washer.

6) Re-fit the retaining clip that holds the washers in place inside the spool. 

Q) I’ve Quick-Drag converted my reels, but I have spare spools that I need converting too. Am I able to purchase the items I need to convert my spools only? 

A) We are able to supply additional components for spools upon request. Please contact us with your requirements. 

Q) I’d like to convert my reels to Quick-Drag, but I’m not confident enough to perform the conversion myself. 

A) We are able to cater for those that would like the conversion completed for them. This entails postage of your reel spools & spool caps by registered delivery. Please email us for more information. 

Q) What can I do if I encounter a problem or need advice? 

A) Please feel free to email your enquiry.

Above - Converted DAIWA Emblem Spool Cap

Above - Converted DAIWA Emblem Spool & Spool Cap

Above - Converted DAIWA SS3000 Spool Caps

Above - Converted DAIWA SS3000 Spool Caps

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