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Welcome to the online version of the Red Canoe Store!  Our goal is to offer products when it's most convenient for you.  The items available are what campers ask for the most.  Campers have asked to have the option to purchase an item after they leave camp and now it is possible.  

Please allow 10 days to 2 weeks because popular items move quickly and we'll need time to reorder from our distributors.  

Parents and Grandparents appreciate the ability to use the "bank money" item to put money in their campers accounts.  The item starts at $5.00 but you can purchase it in multiples of your own choosing.  All orders filled by 10:00am will be given to the camper that day.  Orders after 10:00am will be given to the camper the following day.  The "bank money" item will not be filled after 10:00am on Friday.  

*Please leave a message with your bank money including your camper's name and the camp program they are attending.

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