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Letting You all know that the media made a huge mistake by telling the world that Le STUDIO Morin-Heights was burnt down to the ground and there was nothing left but ashes.Yes there was a huge fire on August 11 2017 and 1/2 the building is gone but the main original Audio section of LE STUDIO was saved from the fire by a double brick wall and the firemen.

Le Studio built By Mister Perry in 1974 located in Morin-Heights ,Quebec was one of the top Recording Studio's in the world Artist like The BeeGees,Chicago,David Bowie,RUSH,April Wine,Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow,Asia,Cat Stevens,Nazareth,Bon Jovi,Keith Richards(Rolling Stones),The Ramones,The Police,Celine Dion,Sarah Mclachlan,Bryan Adams and many many more recorded.

Le Studio property is still for sale with it's 4 acres land,If we would sell enough souvenirs we would buy Le Studio and turn it into a Museum,a recording school and so much more.Le Studio would be like a kinda Graceland open to the public.Thank You all

Richard Baxter 

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