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This is your chance to experience my live show exactly how and when you see fit.  Gather your friends around the computer I'll take care of the rest!

Pick the date & time, choose the set list and then get ready to have some fun! I will do a live broadcast from my box-truck and the web stream will be visible to anyone with high speed internet. The stream will also operate at a mobile-device/cell phone bandwidth but I would highly suggest using a wired internet source.

I will play any 5 songs in the order you choose. There are over 20 Live Looping songs and 600 "piano-man" style songs to choose from. 

I am fairly punctual, so the show will start on time and I will begin streaming 15 minutes prior to the show to confirm the user has a good connection.

To acomodate international viewers, I am making myself available 24/7. All times are listed as Central Standard Time (Midwest USA-  **UTC- 6 hours**). Please verify you are choosing the right time to reflect your own specific time zone. 

After receiving your show request, I will immediately notify you of any conflicts. Weekdays are typically the easiest to book a web show, whereas weekend shows must be cohesive with my touring schedule. If any conflicts arise after you have booked the show, refunds will be given up until the day of show.

Shortly after purchase, you will receive an email inquiring about the date fo performance as well as a list of songs to choose from.

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