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ECHO 3D Summary

 The newest addition to the X Family has arrived!! Now offered is our 3D Design the ECHO..... with amazing 3D response on a super light airframe! Features large ailerons with counterbalances to give you quick precise response without the blow back! It has a 34" wing span and can easily be built around 5oz AUW so you still have the feather feel with the insane throttle control! Great for beginners to advanced pilots with a good dual rate TX !!! The roll rate is insane and it can do all  the 3D maneuvers you throw at it!  Video coming soon!!

ECHO 3D specs...

34" Wingspan
33" Length
Weight  5-5.5 oz RTF( with recommended gear)

Airframe comes in White Only!!
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5 product stars
ECHO 3d - Steve Cline - 12/11/2012
just recieved one of these planes last week, built up very easily and and light. came out with a bone stock set up with 250 class motor came in at about 3oz rtf. roll rate is great and over all control is exceptional. will be making a modified version soon to try. (recommended )