FlapJack Bipe

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Landing Gear set for Top Wing
Pull Pull Set

FlapJack Bipe Summary

Xtreme Foamies presents our newest Bi Plane design! The FlapJack Bipe is an exhilarating Pattern/3D plane that has proven to perform all of your favorite maneuvers at a walking pace!! With the removable Aileron TE Drag plates the down line feel precise and controlled, yet can be removed for a faster paced 3D machine!! Knife edge flight requires no coupling and is hands off with the proper lateral balance achieved!With the option of pull pull or push pull for the Rudder and Elevator(packages may vary), you can build the plane to the degree of expertise that is easiest for you!! Also you have the option to purchase the upgrade duel landing gear conversion kit for inverted landings!!With the indoor season in full swing this is a must have for your hanger!  

Wingspan 34"
Length 38"
Target Weight 5.5oz - 6.75oz AUW

Recommended Electronics AXI 2203-46 or equivalent(sub 20 gram motor) 8 x 4 dd prop or 8 x 4.3 slofly! Two sub 5 gram servos and one 8 gram for ailerons! 10 amp esc Micro receiver Kit comes in white only!!Thank You!!!
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5 product stars
NICEEEEEE!! - matt james - 11/15/2010
nice air brush job!