Mamo Mount TVRP Thrust Vectored

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Mamo Mount TVRP Thrust Vectored Summary

This is the new Thrust Vectored Reverse Prop(TVRP) Motor Mount taken from the already proven non thrust version and modded to work with ball links. Now all your VPP maneuvers are more insane and rotational response is amazing. With the TVRP you can now do pinwheels, reverse inverted flat spins and many new and never thought of tricks that will amaze any audience!! They are made from a high grade black .060" G10 fiberglass material that is virtually indestructible :) This mount may be run with pull pull lines from your rudder servo or a separate push pull servo linked to rudder via computer radio. Hardware options available via drop down menu.
These are being sold as experimental only and buyer should assume all liability and risk when using this product as well as the dangers of Variable pitch! Heli experience recommended!

Weight(without  ball links) 3.5grams
Color:  Black
Thickness" .060"
TVRP Motor mount and servo bracket, ball links and connecting carbon, and SS screws for AXI 2203 motor.
Motor, Mamo Unit and Servos sold separately.

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