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As of April 5, 2022:

Our webstore will be on a temporary hiatus until further notice. 

Without going into too much details, maintaining the store while the pandemic is ongoing has been stressful. For the past 2 years, we had to ask for a third party's help to do the packing, sorting and shipment because we can't physically be there to do it. 

This process is not optimal and has caused a lot of delays to ensure that the orders are shipped properly. This is aside from the delays brought about by the various lockdowns and country restrictions. We're very grateful because our customers have been very kind and patient to us, but it's been frustrating and really shameful every time we have to ask for forgiveness due to the delays.

So until lockdowns have eased and we can freely go back and forth to China to prepare the orders ourselves, this store will be put on hold. Orders that have already been placed prior to this announcement will still be honored! But we will not be accepting anymore orders; products have been locked as we speak.

Please feel free to wishlist the products though, so that once we're back and ready, we'll be able to reach out to you.

Thank you so much and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We hope you have a great day! Please take care! 🥰

P.S. This announcement doesn't apply to orders that are within the Philippines. We can still ship locally. :)


Hello! We're Yangyang Mobile, a small and self-funded indie game dev group based in the Philippines. This webstore is created so that our players can buy merchandise of our games!

Our store has been operating since March 2018. Our team has handled and shipped hundreds of orders worldwide. 

Thank you so much for your support! Buying a merch from us is like treating our team to a whole pizza! ♡


We're currently on a break! Please check back soon!


After placing an order, we will contact you via email 1-2 weeks before our designated shipping dates (see 'Shipping Schedule') to confirm your details. Please make sure you reply to our email to lessen the chances of your package getting lost. 


We are not accepting any cancellations and/or refunds AFTER your order has been shipped. If you wish to cancel your order, please message us immediately before our designated shipping dates (see 'Shipping Schedule'), and we'll work with you to see if your order can still be refunded.


As a general rule, we are not accepting returns and/or exchanges. If there's an issue with your order, please message us, and we'll be more than happy to work with you to come up with a solution that is fair for both parties. 


We have different pricing values for Philippine Pesos. Unfortunately, our webstore doesn't allow custom pricing between different currencies (it auto converts back to our default USD pricing). We're still thinking of a better work-around to this problem. In the meantime, if there are any PH residents who'd like to purchase a merch, please message us so we can discuss mode of payment.

*Free shipping anywhere in the country
[Love Esquire/The Letter] Collector's Edition 4,999
[Love Esquire] Dakimakura 2,999
[Love Esquire/The Letter] Keychain Set 1,299
[Love Esquire/The Letter] Artbook 1,199
[Love Esquire] Game Box w/ OST 999
[The Letter] T-Shirt 999
[The Letter] Game Box 799
[The Letter] Chibi Figure 799
[The Letter] Original Soundtrack 399
[Love Esquire/The Letter] Single Keychain 199


- How has Covid-19 affected the shipping schedule?
Since the pandemic started, the Philippines has been on lockdown for more than a year. We used to personally travel to China to prepare and package most of the orders, but we can't do that now due to the lockdown. 

As a workaround, we had to ask a third party to do the preparations for us. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time because we have to instruct each order carefully to make sure everything's accounted for. Not to mention, the pandemic also caused delays to the shipment itself. Normal delivery takes around 2-6 weeks, but because of lockdowns and other measures by different countries, orders take months to arrive.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we ask for your patience on this matter.

- Where is this shop located?
Our products are stored in the Philippines and China.
For Philippine orders, they will be shipped from the Philippines.
For international orders, they will be shipped from China.

- Why does it take so long to ship my items? Are they not produced/available yet?
The items are already available and ready for shipment. However, we need to schedule our deliveries by batch during the times we're physically and personally available to visit China — where the items are currently stored and delivered for international orders — due to costing purposes. (Pre-Pandemic)

- Do you ship worldwide?

- Why is the Philippine price significantly lower compared to its USD price?
Since Yangyang Mobile is based in the Philippines, we have a different stock source and delivery system that allow us to price our items lower.

- Does this webstore accept any other payment method apart from Paypal?
Sorry, we only accept Paypal as of the moment.

- Who do I contact in case of questions or concerns?
You can use our Contact Us form. You can also send an email to We'll do our best to respond as soon as possible!
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