Bloodlines: The George Kostinen Mystery
Bloodlines: The George Kostinen Mystery
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Lethbridge-Stewart - Bloodlines: The George Kostinen Mystery
by Chris Lynch
(Series 7, Book 4)
With the fate of every reality hanging in the balance, the Accord sends Lethbridge-Stewart to a brand-new version of Earth.

His mission: to find Lucy Wilson. She is the final agent the Accord needs to fix the damage done to the quantum realm, but the world Lethbridge-Stewart finds himself in is quite unlike anything he’s ever seen before.

A dystopian nightmare, the UK is caught in a power struggle between the Clown Tithe, the deadly Kruge and the ever-mysterious Volpertinger.

Lethbridge-Stewart’s only ally in this nightmare world is a sixteen-year-old boy from Ogmore-by-Sea called George Kostinen. A boy who, in the real world, should be best friends with Lucy Wilson. Only is this reality – he’s barely heard of her!

How can Lethbridge-Stewart's mission succeed when Lucy Wilson is a nobody? A girl who’s never even heard the name Lethbridge-Stewart before…

The George Kostinen Mystery will be followed by Foreword to the Past, which wraps up the Bloodlines saga, and then the final book of series seven which will see a return to the Schizoid Earth in I, Alastair.


Book 5 in the Bloodlines series:

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A Story That Drags You In!
09 October 2020
The Blood Lines series is now coming together and I'm enjoying the stories more as I get to see where they are leading. This story is a little more out of the ordinary, but for all that it drags you in. The characters in the book are well developed and well used. Even if you haven't met George, who is Hobo in the Lucy Wilson mysteries, before he is a character you quickly start to invest feeling into. Archie the is the decent everyman who when his back is to the wall fights for what he believes in, just like Brigadier, who is the everyman in the Doctor Who Universe. But Archie isn't a soldier trained to fight, he is just an ordinary man who has to survive on instinct alone! He finds himself in a world full of people who are indoctrinated in to a system that the Alien have set up. There is a resistance movement battling the aliens, but is pitifully small. Archie and George have to try and identify friend from foe, as try and achieve Archie's goal of locating the person he has been set to find in this chaotic version of the UK! There are more then one set of aliens in this place, but there is an overriding force driving it all along. The story has a lot to say about the modern tech culture! An enjoyable read.
Sue Brand
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