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Lethbridge-Stewart Series
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The Benton Files 4
UNIT: THE BENTON FILES 4 Join retired Sergeant Major John Benton as he recounts more tales of his exploits from yesteryear. In Rotten to the Core by Hayden Gribble, young Corporal Benton is driving back from manoeuvres in Norfolk when he finds a patch of burnt countryside. But is it really burnt? And...
United Nations
Lethbridge-Stewart - Intelligence Taskforce by Jonathan Blum (Series 11, Book 3) It was impossible that the public could ever have missed seeing the giant alien spaceship. But somehow, everyone did. The US and USSR both want to know how the UK covered the incident up. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart would...
Lethbridge-Stewart: It Came ..
Lethbridge-Stewart - It Came From the Isle of Man by John Peel (Series 11, Book 2) It was possibly the kindest, most humane invasion ever. Nobody was killed. nobody was even bruised by it. At least, not at first. Three landings, three countries. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart soon realises this is too...
The Benton Files 3
THE BENTON FILES 3 - PRE-ORDER PLEASE DO NOT PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE PRE-ORDERED OPERATION: FALL-OUT (UNLESS YOU WANT A SECOND COPY!) Join retired Sergeant Major John Benton, as he recounts two more tales of his exploits from yesteryear. Life proves to be no less quiet and retiring for Benton...
The Analysis Bureau: Roseblood
The Analysis Bureau: Roseblood by Tom Dexter PRE-ORDER (A quick read sequel). The Analysis Bureau does not exist. Ask any questions about it, and the same answers always greet you. There's no trace of any department matching that name in any branch of Government, only speculation and wild rumours. May...
Lethbridge-Stewart: Spheres ..
Lethbridge-Stewart: Spheres of Influence by Violet Addison & David N Smith (Series 11 , Book 1, Year 4 ) An alien presence has arrived on Earth. Lethbridge-Stewart has been dispatched to determine the nature of the new arrival. The Fifth Operational Corps is not the only one interested in the visitor....