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The League of Red Nosed Gent..
In the sleepy town of Oonabligen, deep in the heart of Greenland, something strange is going on The mysterious League of Red Nosed Gentlemen is paying people to sit around doing nothing. Why? Its not even Christmas! Well, its always kind of Christmas in Oonabligen. When its inhabitants arent shovelling...
The Cloud That Couldn't Cry
Even the cutest little clouds can cause chaos! Feeling sad and unable to cry, Roxy's tears begin to build. As the fluffy little cloud grows bigger and heavier, her rumbles get louder. A lovely little story to help children understand emotions and how they can affect us all. The debut children's picture...
Stable Gossip
Meet Nosey, a beautiful chestnut horse training to be a champion. His favourite things are dinner time, talking about himself, and his friends: Rumbo, Charmeur, Leo, Coco and Flo. Together, they're the Stable Gossip gang. Like all good horses, they're always there for each other and their humans. But...
Mark Brake's Space, Time, Ma..
Jam-packed with aliens and time machines, spaceships and cyborgs and the end of time, Space, Time, Machine, Monster tells you how sci-fi helped build the world in which we live. Of the fifty biggest-selling movies of all time, most are sci-fi films. Ten million viewers tune in each week to watch Doctor...
Eileen's War
Eileen le Croissette was just an ordinary teenage girl. Living with her parents, she spent her days roller skating with friends, studying for exams and daydreaming about travelling the world. But on September 3rd 1939 Britain declared war on Germany and everything changed. With Britain standing alone...
Space, Time, Machine, Monste..
STMM: Doctor Who Edition takes you on a journey into the science of Doctor Who. Jam-packed with aliens, time machines, spaceships and lots of monsters, this book explores the secrets of the Universe s favourite Time Lord. And, for an extra bit of fun, we present our own Doctor Who Top 10s on topics such...
Keeping Clear of Paradise St..
In the 1950s there was no Internet, no iPhones, no games consoles, no colour TV. Sounds grim? Actually there was good stuff too. What kind of stuff? Well how about... secret tunnels... flea circuses... Saturday morning cinema... cows in the back garden? Cows in the back garden!? Yep. The past was a strange...
A magical story of cave dwellers, clowns and vegetarian dragons. Dion has Asperger's Syndrome. He is an intelligent boy who lives in the functional ordered world. When he is kidnapped and taken to a place beyond the imagination, Dion finds that his disciplined mind becomes strength. But little does he...
Princess Phoebe Meets the Tu..
In Princess Phoebe Meets the Tudors , Sammy Winward presents a historically accurate snapshot of Tudor princesses, accessible to younger readers. The book presents female characters as strong and self aware, balanced with the awfulness of Tudor life. Beautifully illustrated by Eric Heyman Princess Phoebe...
Book Worms
Meet Professor Wormsworth and his twin boys, Wurzel and Walter. The cleverest worms in the wormiverse! But on a holiday to China by wormaplane they discover a terrible secret. It s the ghastly Earth Dragon Soup made by an evil wizard. Walter and Wurzel find themselves on a mission to save a million billion...