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Wild Hair: The Shadow of the..
Wild Hair: The Shadow of the Fox by Paul Wines A Graphic Novel from Candy Jar Meet Wild Hair and his friendly tribe of brave warriors. Follow their adventures as they travel the countryside, warning friends and neighbours of impending doom! There's a huge fox at large! And it eats almost anything! After...
Bidge and Bodge
Bidge and Bodge by Geraint Thomas Meet Bidge and Bodge.Two fun-loving bears who live in the tallest tree in the forest. Alongside their best friend Mincy, a cat with attitude, the bears are continually getting into scrapes. Join our intrepid heroes on their adventures as they meet a fairy, a giant, a...
Addy the Anxious Aardvark
POOR ADDY IS ANXIOUS! With the help and support of his friends and their activities, Addy combats his anxiety. This is a story showing techniques to ease worries and the importance of not dealing with them alone.
Jack Flynn and the Pirate Po..
Jack Flynn and the Pirate Porthole by Christine Perkins While visiting his Aunt Becky at the seaside, Jack discovers a magic porthole in his bedroom! It's not long before Jack is kidnapped by pirates, but that's not the worst of it! He soon discovers that he is the bait to catch a dragon! Jack Flynn...
The Elephant and the Elephan..
The Elephant and the Elephant Shrew by Omri Stephenson The lion and the lionfish, the mole and the mole cricket, the leopard and leopard frog... Why are some animals named after others? Do they share the same pattern, spots, tall neck or long nose? See if you can find out in this enchanting book full...
Something Hiding Beneath My ..
The latest from beloved children's poet Brian Moses, Something Hiding Beneath My Bed charts the ups and downs of growing up in the '50s and '60s. A lot was different back then: the TVs were smaller, the teachers louder, and fun was throwing cowpats at each other! But as Brian captures with his trademark...
A Visit to Granny in Wales
A Visit to Granny in Wales by Gemma Greening Have you been to Wales? Well, Granny Meg can tell some tales. From Snowdon to Caerphilly, follow her on a whistle-stop journey across wales. With dragons, castles, rugby, and everything in-between, this vibrant book will entertain and educate young minds about...
Cameron Tiberius McPherson a..
Cameron Tiberius McPherson and His Magic Chair by Tug J. Wilson Cameron Tiberius McPherson and his eccentric mum, Lulu, live on the top flor of Grimethorpe Towers in the town of Pimple. Their lives are turned upside down when a huge tornado arrives, bringing the magical mechanic, Mr Pea. He gives Cameron...
I Love My Grandpa
I Love My Grandpa! by Sally Flint This is a story about my grandpa. He has dementia and says and does some very strange things. He muddles up what the day is, talks to invisible friends, and sometimes swears. But I love him! And you will too after reading this book.
How Did I Get So Lucky
How Did I Get So Lucky? by Sally Flint A feel good story that explores the transitional relationship between father and daughter. As a young man we see the father love and nurture his daughter. As on old man we see roles reversed as the daughter cares for her father. They are each other s greatest fans....